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7. Contacts

The Chairman is David Robinson

E mail

Website and info


publicity officer

3 Responses to 7. Contacts

  1. admin

    Hello Adrian,
    I’ve passed on your request and someone will be contacting you soon.

  2. Adrian Cowdroy

    This is for Chris Crookes. Hi Chris I was born in Cleethorpes but am now a resident of kendal in the Lake District. I left Cleethorpes to run a small business in 2005 after the death of my Mum in 2003. Just before her passing she left in my charge some interesting documents, photos and some artifacts relating not only to her older ancestors but also concerning information and pictures relating to a house called landeck in littlefield lane. The house as i’m sure you are aware is no longer there but there is an avenue called landeck. I have the original pencil sketch of the plans I believe my Great great uncle made before the build, but also what I think is property entitlements dating back many years eg 1845. As documents they are lovely to look at, with the original wax seals but it would be great If next time I am in the cleethorpes area you could cast some background. My family wouldl like them to be looked at but my mother was for some reason very protective of them, so would it be possible to bring them for you to have a look at whilst I am there so i can honour her wishes, thankyou very much and hope to meet you in the near future, Adrian Cowdroy

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