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4. Selection of Previous Society Events



November 8 – 11

Brookenby dig weather permitting.


October 14, Humberston Parish Church.

Members will attend in the afternoon.


11/12 September Heritage weekend at Old Clee.

All welcome!

Brookenby dig weather permitting.


 7 July

A trip to Beverley Minster

(A very enjoyable visit combining a visit to the minster with some time for shopping.

The guided tour of the minster was very interesting.)


Fieldwork: Old Clee Garden Dig.

Please see picture selection in Archaeology 2017 section.


Membership renewal


Saturday, 10 December, 2016

Old Clee Garden Dig House Survey

The society is keen to do a series of local digs in the gardens of private property in the Old Clee area of N E Lincs.  Members of the society will be canvassing householders for their support in this project and it is hoped that enough interest will be generated which will allow the society and the local community to have a better picture of past life in that corner of the local area. Society members will be around between 11am – 2pm with letters explaining what the society proposes to do. It is hoped that a lot of interest will be generated and support given.

Update. This was a success and, with the help of the \university of Cambridge, the society hopes to be working on this project in May and showing a group of students from a local secondary school the importance of local archaeology.

Another such dig is being planned for Healing soon so watch this space!

Fieldwork 2016

It has been confirmed that the society will be commencing digging at Swinhope from Tuesday 20.09.2016 for approximately two weeks.  We will meet on site on Tuesday, 12.09.2016 at 10am..  If you are interested in joining us on the dig please let David have your availability dates to give us some idea of staffing levels and up dated contact details such as mobiles etc. on 01472  236827  or

07906 695 014.

NB A report on this with some photos is available in the archaeology section of this website. David has commented on this dig.

September 10/11, 2016

Heritage Weekend at Old Clee Church

The society will be supporting Old Clee Church with a display and other events in the large room of the church hall. Refreshments are provided and an opportunity is available too young and old to try your hand at metal detecting, a useful skill for all budding archaeologists.

Guided walk on Cleethorpes foreshore in September.

There will be a guided walk along the seafront to view remains of the submerged forest and other archaeological finds. Please note the following for further information.

Membership renewal April 2016

A wee reminder from Vic, our Membership Secretary, that the new financial year has begun and that membership is due for the April 2016 – March 2017 period.  This will be yet another year when the annual subscription has not been increased remaining at £12

and most excellent value.

Vic will be pleased to receive your cash/cheque at the next Open Meeting, 7 pm Tuesday, 19 April in our new venue of

St Aiden’s Church Hall, Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes – main road entrance, opposite McDonald’s.

Please make cheques payable to nelalhs or North East Lincs Archaeology  & Local History Society.


Stop Press!! 17 September 2015

AS most people know who are members of the society or read these jottings on this website, the society was involved with Prof. Steven Willis from the University of Kent on a dig in the Binbrook area. For an insight into what is happening please follow Steve’s blog on It is very informative and some good results have been found.

 Currant Events

During the summer there was ongoing local archaeology in which members of the society are involved with the University of Kent (under the direction of Prof. Steven Willis) in excavations within twenty miles of Grimsby. A possible Roman site has been identified from previous fieldwork. Its position will not be revealed for obvious reasons. Any important finds will be described in future editions of this website so Watch This Space!! 

The society will produce a report soon on this.

It is interesting to note that there have been excavations near the A180 roadworks near Killingholme and along the Humber Bank near Immingham recently (Reported by the Grimsby Telegraph) which have shown much Roman activity in those areas. It is obvious that North and North East Lincolnshire may have more of a Roman heritage than previously realised.

Recent Events

Finds sorting  (Swinhope fieldwalking)  and Caistor

There are a lot of of finds still to sort through and some really good stuff some of which has got us very excited.

The Society has plans in place for further local fieldwork or excavations on the Wolds in August and September so WATCH THIS SPACE.

If you wish to participate in some of these events which include geo-phys., fieldwalking, and excavation please contact our chairman in the Contacts section  of this website.

Looks like a busy summer.

Lincolnshire Graffiti Survey May 2015

Society members have a great interest in local history and David Robinson, our Chairman, has arranged  with Steven Birch, who has already carried a survey in Old Clee Church, to do our own survey.

With the kind permission of the Rev. Holden we have been given access to the church to examine graffiti and mason marks which have previously been recorded by Steven Birch.

Church graffiti – Holy Trinity Church, Old Clee.   Saturday  16th May, 2015.

With the kind permission of the Rev. Holden we have been given access to the church from 10.30 AM to examine graffiti and mason marks which have previously been recorded by Steven Birch.  Steven will be present with his records when we will survey the church to locate these marks and re-draw and photograph them as necessary.  It will also be an opportunity to look for other marks not yet identified.


Some good and interesting examples were noted. Here is one example.  An effort to present more on this website will be made soon.

Old Clee Church Heritage Day –  23 May, 2015